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Humble suggestion for next update


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Dear developing team.


Rather than adding/changing game layout and animations, could you please just leave the game as it is and instead correct some of the bugs for the next update? I understand that it may be considered a bit boring to work on the "non-visual" issues, but I would appreciate it.


Or maybe it's just me, everyone else might love new card-shuffling, card selection windows and prize-wheels...

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Hi noetnalP,


We understand and are listening to all of the feedback you and the rest of the community have provided (thank you for sharing it!).  


Software development takes place over long periods of time with each update being worked on months in advance.  The feature or graphics updates are being added to address long term issues for the game and its audience and take up a certain amount of resources.  Then when we throw in a new expansion every 3 months and the thousands of card interactions that come from it, sadly bugs are going to slip through that we try and work on around the upcoming feature and content updates.


I am only saying this to help provide some of the context on why it seems like we aren't responding to bugs as quickly as some would like.  Each update does contain numerous big fixes as you can see here but we understand that it can seem frustrating when some of the updates don't match your expectations or that some bugs take longer than others to fix.


With all of this said, we are always reevaluating our internal work processes and update planning and the community's feedback is definitely brought up in every meeting so please keep letting us know what is liked, not liked, and suggestions for improvement.



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Hi Mike,


Sorry if I may have sounded negative, but I am really frustrated by the new "invisible card" feature that I now encounter. Yes, I have loaded the cards (twice). This is a bug that others have kept on describing, but one I throught I was lucky enough to avoid. Now it's obvious that this bug has not been adresser at all. It really cripples gameplay when you have to guess what cards you have in your hand.


I'm well aware that you fix a number of bugs in every new release. I can also understand that adding cards from a new expansion is quite demanding. That is why I find it hard to see why effort has been put into adding a card shuffling animation that only prologs the game, a card selection window which is too small for many devices etc etc Are these changes that have been asked for by the players?

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