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Need Ninetales AB and More


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2 x NineTales AB


2 x Emboar non AB


4 x Rare candy


1 x Cleffa


2 x Twins


1 x DCE


1x Pokemon Collector


1 x Rayquaza and deoxys legend top and bottom






For Trade


2 x Reuniclus AB


1 x Samurott AB


2 x sawsbuck


2 x cinccino


5 x energy search


4 x Prof Juniper


2 x Pokemon Communications


4 x Switch


2x Super Scoop Up








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I do have Emboar non abillity but there is nothing good enough for trade. Try using bette cards in there. You'll probaly attract more people and ill even trade. No offence though.


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I'm deeply sorry but you will have to wait for tomarrow.


The thing was that i needed cards from emboars deck so I was either going to buy the deck today or tomarrow. I did go today but the shop didn't have it. Sorry


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