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lll swap a booster for...............


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Hi. I need some booster packs to build my deck up. Ill swap some rare, some foil, some pokemon for them.


Typhlosion (foil) + Quilava + Cyndaquil + Magnetron ----- Call of legends pack.


Metagross + Ampharos + Weepinbell + Hitmonchan -------Any pack!! I love being suprised.


Simisear + Maractus + Tyrogue (foil) + Unown (foil) -------- call of Legends pack.


Let me know if you want another card.


Oh and let me know if you think these a rip offs and ill add more cards.


Once you have selected them they will be deleted off the list so th first person who wants to swap, swaps.






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You can buy booster packs and redeem codes from a card in the pack. You get a booster credit. Booster credits can be used to buy booster packs. You don't have to buy a pack though. I don't care, but i would like to get some more packs.


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