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Another bad update


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I just can't believe how 5 streights update is so bad right now.. lets me explain what i see:


1- now if i use hoopa or pokemon fan club.. he had a little window all small to choose pokemon .. it go so bad.....


and its even worst when i use trainer mail.. still tiny and they even show the card that is not trainer.. i feel all confuse when i use that card..


2- the card tagged for trade that we dont own unlocked card.. still not able to untag them fhe button for trade...


And i just start im sure im going  to find a lot more..



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Forced us to use the New Card Ordering feature when you using anything related to PokeDex.



It no longer display the whole 1 2 3 4 5 process only display 3 at the time.Which slow you down and make you easily forget.




If you something like Handscope you will only see like few cards...until you press the left or right arrow button...which make it harder for users to play and forget easliy.



The Rewards

Mystery box

now contian 25 Tokens (Either reduced or added the 25 token)


It feel like every content update is reducing.

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