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2.36 Known Issues | May 2, 2016


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This thread contains a collection of known issues in version 2.36 of the Pokémon TCG Online. These issues have been logged into the bug tracking database and will be resolved by the development team in order of severity.


If you have encountered an issue that does not appear in this thread, please report the it via the Report a Game Bug area of the forums, or the Pokémon Support Portal.

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Known Card Issues

Last Updated: May 26, 2016

  • Audino (BCR #126): Several graphical issues occur when using the Busybody Ability.
  • Bent Spoon (FCO #93): This card prevents effects of both players' attacks, rather than just the opponent's attacks.
  • Caitlin (PLB #78): The OK button occasionally disappears when setting the card order.
  • Carbink (FCO #49): The Energy Keeper Ability prevents the opponent from discarding basic Energy by effects of their own attacks, Abilities or Trainer cards from their own Basic Pokémon.
  • Espeon (UD #90): Solar Suggestion only moving 3 counters, instead of 4
  • Florges BREAK (BKT #104): Multiple instances of the Calming Aroma Ability are not consistently applied to Florges BREAK.
  • Fossil Researcher (FFI #92): This card occasionally allows more than two Restored Pokemon to be selected.
  • Golurk (XY7 #35): Ancient Trait: Theta Shop does not prevent Garbador (XYBreak2 #57) Garbotoxin from affecting it
  • Hypno (TM #88): An incorrect game prompt is present when Seeker (TM #88) is selected while using the Hand Control attack.
  • Landorus (BW43): This card does not appear when the "Full Art" filter is selected.
  • Lost World (CL #81): There is no visual indicator for the number of Pokémon that each player has in the Lost Zone.
  • Manectric (PRC #61): In the German game client the Electric Shock attack incorrectly states that the opponent's Pokemon becomes Confused, rather than Paralyzed. This is a cosmetic bug and the correct Special Condition is applied when used.
  • Marowak (XY10 #37): Bodyguard negates damage done by Salamence's (RS #57) Power Howl.
  • Mawile (XY103 & XY104): Aerodactyl (DEX #53, XY10 #76) appears in the evolution line of Mawile-EX and M Mawile-EX.
  • M-Manetric EX (XY4 #24): The Turbo Volt attack incorrectly allows attaching energy to 2 different Pokémon.
  • Piloswine (TM #48): The coin flip animation for the Blizzard attack plays after the damage animation.
  • Reserved Ticket (BKT #147): No animation is played when the selected card is moved to the top of the deck.
  • Silent Lab (PRC #140): This card's effect may remain active when a Basic Pokémon is evolved into a Stage 1 Pokémon that has an Ability.
  • Spiritomb (TM #10): A notification is not presented to the opponent when the Spooky Whirlpool Poké-Power is used.
  • Tauros (XY #100): The effect text for the Seething Anger attack is incorrect in the German client.
  • Trevor (PR #XY33): An invalid foil version of this card is visible in the game.
  • Umbreon (PLF #64): The Dark Shade Ability does not apply to Pokémon that have had a Team Plasma Badge (PLF #104) attached after Umbreon has entered play.
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Known Game Issues

Last Updated: May 26, 2016



  • An error may occur when attempting to uninstall the game via the Control Panel when installed in any language other than English. Running the Installer and selecting "Uninstall" will resolve the issue.
  • Cards in the XY Trainer Kit may not be sorted properly in the hand.
  • Changing your system date may disable some sound effects.
  • Decks are not sorted alphabetically in Trainer Challenge or Versus Mode.
  • Errata is applied but not displayed for older prints of cards such as Rare Candy and Pokémon Catcher.
  • PC: Running the 2.36 client installer while the 2.35 client is already installed does not update the game client. Users can still automatically download the 2.36 patch by launching the 2.35 client.
  • PC: Uninstalling the 2.36 game client does not remove the card cache from the user's computer. These files can be manually removed by deleting the Pokémon TCG Online folder from C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Unity\WebPlayer\Cache.
  • Sound effects may still continue to play when another window is opened over the game client.
  • Systems with dedicated graphics memory that is less than 256MB may be unable to progress past the Zach and Ella tutorial dialog.
  • The "NEW!" icon may be cut off or missing letters in some areas of the game.

Gameplay: General

  • A player's time clock is incorrectly reduced by 2-3 seconds each time their turn ends.
  • Abilities are not consistently displayed in the game log when activated.
  • After all valid selections are made in a reveal window the unselected cards disappear. These cards can be viewed again by returning a selected card to the top pane of the reveal window, or by enabling the Show All Cards checkbox.
  • Animations for Trainer cards that affect other cards in play are displayed in the wrong order.
  • Cards that adjust the deck display cards in a sorted order instead of top-down order. This causes the deck to appear unshuffled with each consecutive use of Trainer Cards.
  • Conceding during the opponent's turn may end the match before the end of their turn.
  • Disconnection may occur while making selections in the card selection window.
  • Foil effects may not be displayed properly while zooming in on a card during a match.
  • If a Pokémon’s Ability was suppressed when it was evolved to a Pokémon BREAK, the Ability is not properly reactivated when the suppression effect ends.
  • iOS: The inactivity popup does not appear prior to the opening coin flip of a match.
  • Mechanically identical cards from different expansions or with different foil versions are not being properly consolidated when stacked view is enabled.
  • On Mac computers, Mission Control cannot be activated while in Full Screen mode.
  • Sending a Pokémon to the Lost Zone causes other cards in the Lost Zone to disappear briefly.
  • The confirmation pop-up does not appear if using a Trainer card to draw a new hand would result in having a smaller hand.
  • The Energy selection prompt for Energy Switch (HS #91, BLW #94, LTR #112, FFI #89, RSK #109, GEN #61) obstructs choices when the Active Pokémon is Confused.
  • The game ends on a player's next turn when a win condition is met between turns, causing games to stall when a Poisoned Pokémon is Knocked Out to meet win conditions.
  • The game log entry damage from an attack appears before the entry for the use of that attack.
  • The icon on a banned card overlaps other cards in the hand.
  • The Pokémon League logo does not display when zooming in on a card or viewing it in the discard pile.
  • The Prize card stack can only be inspected while one or more Prize cards is face-up due to a card effect (e.g. Town Map, BKT #150).

Gameplay: Trainer Challenge

  • HGSS Basic Theme Decks are sometimes not unlocked after 7 wins.
  • Systems with dedicated graphics memory that is less than 256MB may crash when selecting Rika, Otis, or Daniel in the City Championship league.
  • The AI may use AZ (PHF #91, #117) with only one Pokémon in play.
  • The AI will not use Golbat's (PHF #32) Swoop Across attack if the Defending Pokémon has an effect which reduces or prevents damage done to it.

Gameplay: Versus

  • Clicking the Cancel button while searching for a Ranked match does not consistently cancel the matchmaking process.
  • Investigation is ongoing regarding random losses received in the middle of a match.

Gameplay: Tournaments

  • After joining an Expanded Tournament, the "Tournament Info" section incorrectly identifies the Tournament as a Theme Tournament.
  • The Notifications count remains on the chat tab after a Tournament lobby has been closed.

Cards: Collection

  • Default deck boxes appear when checking "Show Not Owned".
  • Items are not properly sorted by "Type" in the "Energy" and "Gameplay" tabs.
  • Mega Pokémon are filtered as Stage 1 Pokémon.
  • Russian client: XY-BREAKthrough cards may appear to load indefinitely.
  • Search terms for Mega and Primal Pokémon-EX are not consistent in the German client.
  • Some Black & White series theme decks are missing the theme deck-exclusive foil or non-foil version of their cards.
  • Some cards foil effects are visually less radiant than intended.
  • Some Full Art cards do not appear when the "Full Art" filter is selected.
  • Some XY Black Star Promo cards are not appearing when the "Full Art" filter is selected.
  • The collector number, rarity, and expansion symbol on Pokémon BREAK cards are obscured by the trade tags. This information can be viewed by switching to List View.
  • The For Trade tag is not properly removed after the last tradeable copy of a card is removed from the Collection.
  • The Pikachu Collection Electric Shirt shows the image for the Charizard Collection Stoke Jacket.
  • Trade tags can be applied to theme decks, though theme deck trading is currently disabled.
  • When sorting by Collection Number, some versions of Larvitar (UL #50) do not appear.

Cards: Deck Manager

  • Deck Manager: Total amount of cards owned is displayed instead of the total cards in the deck when converting decks to Standard.
  • Deck Wizard sometimes adds Forest of Giant Plants (AOR #74) to decks with no Grass-type Pokémon.
  • The Deck Wizard may add a Spirit Link card to a deck without also including the corresponding Pokémon-EX.
  • The HS: Basic Yellow theme deck is not legal for use in the Theme Deck format.
  • When Gourgeist (PHF #45) is selected in Deck Wizard, no Grass Energy is added to the deck for the Gourgantic Ability.

Cards: Trading

  • Options for filtering cards and items in "I Am Giving" while Creating a Trade are inconsistent.
  • Rejected private trade offers display a dash, rather than the trade partner's screen name, in the Trade History.
  • Sorting by Set, Card Number when creating a trade does not show sets in the proper order.
  • The "Accept Trade" button is not enabled when clicking the down arrow to reach the bottom of the offer.
  • The Friend Trade preference is used for all trades if it has a more restrictive setting than the Public Trade preference.
  • The Invalid Filters message sometimes appears when a filtered search produces valid results
  • The quantity field does not display properly when more than 99 copies of an item are included in a trade offer.
  • While creating a trade offer, trade tag buttons are only visible while an item is zoomed.


  • Avatar: The skin color under the Team Aqua Trainer Set shirt (female) does not match the avatar skin color.
  • Plasma Blast may be listed under Complete Sets despite not owning some cards in this set.
  • The Black Star Promos thumbnail image is displayed as a white box in Completed Sets of the Collection Stats tab

Daily Challenges

  • Knocking Out Robo Substitute (PHF #102) inconsistently counts toward Challenge progress.


  • Specific text phrases may cause blank chat messages to appear.


  • On Mac computers, switching between Windowed and Full Screen modes during a match can cause graphical issues.
  • Running the game on the "Best Looking" setting may consume more CPU power than intended.
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