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New Deck Suggestions, Poison Legacy


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Hello all, I have created a new deck that I dubbed Poison Legacy, I am open to any suggestions that you may have in order to make this deck better. The main point of this deck is to cause massive poison damage(Of course). This one is for legacy tournaments and Legacy play only. I am having trouble getting the bats out there and evolved fast/early in the game. Here is what I have so far. 




Zubat x3

Crobat (Plasma) x3, causes 4x posion instead of 1 


Haunter x3 ( Causes sleep and poison)

Gengar Prime x1 ( Puts pokemon in players hand into the lost zone)(Pokebody puts knocked out pokemon into lost zone if Gengar is active)

Mewtwo EX, x-ball x2

Sigilyph x2 (ability prevents ex from dmg and effects) 



Professor Oaks New Theory x 2

Master Ball x1 

Twins x2 

Virbank City x3

Seekerx2 (SUpport Card type)  

Rare Candy x4 

Skyla x4

Hypnotoxic lazer x4



Double Colorless x4 

rest = physic energy 



Thanks All!

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I don't really have any suggestions right now, but I just wanted to let you know that you didn't have to type all that out. You can export your deck list (the list of cards in your deck) from the game to the clipboard, and then paste it into your post.

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I know, the system was down for maintenance and did not want to wait lol. 

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@ MrOzio 


O..M...G... I had no idea that card existed.. I need to get my hands on that card! 

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