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2.36 Patch Notes | May 2, 2016

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Version 2.36


  • Pokémon TCG: XY—Fates Collide expansion!


  • Support added for the XY—Fates Collide expansion, bringing over 120 more cards to the game.
  • Cards from new expansions can no longer be used in constructed deck tournaments until 21 days after they are released for regular retail sale. These cards are still available for immediate play in Versus Mode.  Also, to clarify, XY—Fates Collide Theme Decks will be available for Theme Deck Tournaments.
  • Updated the contents of the Mystery Box to include XY-BREAKpoint boosters, added a 25 Trainer Tokens reward, and rebalanced overall rewards.
  • Code cards found in physical XY—Fates Collide booster packs and theme decks can be redeemed in the Shop to unlock digital booster packs and theme decks from the same expansion.


  • Updated the interface for card searches. Multiple copies of the same card are now consolidated into a single stack, with the number of cards in the stack listed below it.
  • Added the Show Playmat option when taking a Prize card.


  • Added the Export Deck option in the View Deck window.

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Bug Fixes



  • Absol-EX (PR #XY62): This card now appears with the proper text in all situations.
  • Audino (BCR #126): The Busybody Ability can now be used while the Bench is full.
  • Chandelure (PHF #43): The effect text for the Cursed Drop attack now appears in the attack menu popup.
  • Dragonite-EX (FFI #108): The Bust In Ability is now properly treated as optional.
  • Golurk (PLB #46): A negative status marker is now present on Golurk while you have a Team Plasma Pokémon in play.
  • Heliolisk (FLF #37): Improved the prompt text for the Parabolic Charge attack.
  • Hydreigon (PLF #78): The Obsidian Fang attack now properly discards Pokémon Tool cards on the Defending Pokémon before doing damage.
  • Jolteon-EX (GEN #28): The Swift attack now appears properly in the game log.
  • M Absol-EX (PR #XY63): This card now appears with the proper text in all situations.
  • Magnezone (BKT #54): Energy cards chosen via the Magnetic Circuit Ability now properly appear to attach to the selected Pokémon.
  • Persian (GEN #54): Damage from the Ambush attack is now increased by the proper amount if the coin flip is heads.
  • Rhyperior (PRC #77): The Rock Wall Ability now reduces damage done to this Pokémon by the proper amount.
  • Shaymin-EX (ROS #106): The Set Up Ability should no longer appear twice in the game log.
  • Skyarrow Bridge (NXD #91): The effect of this card is now consistently applied to eligible Pokémon.
  • Typhlosion (HS #110, PR #HGSS09): Using the Afterburner Poké-Power no longer causes the game to soft lock.
  • Umbreon (PLF #64): The Dark Shade Ability is no longer applied twice to Umbreon.
  • Yveltal (PR #XY06): The Oblivion Wing attack now appears with the proper text in all situations.

Gameplay: General

  • A status effect indicator is now present for cards in your hand that are affected by cards in play.
  • Avatars with facial hair now appear properly during a match.
  • Resolved an issue which caused a user viewing the opponent's discard pile to become stuck in that view.
  • Resolved an issue which prevented some cards from properly appearing on the playmat.

Gameplay: Tournaments

  • The correct results popup now appears when a Tournament concludes.

Gameplay: Trainer Challenge

  • Ali should no longer use Super Scoop Up while only one Pokémon is in play.

Gameplay: Versus Mode

  • The last deck played is now automatically highlighted after completing a Legacy format match.

Cards: Collection

  • Corrected the card images for Deoxys (CL #SL1), Dialga (CL #SL2), and Entei (CL #SL3).
  • Resolved an issue in the iPad client which caused the contents of an Uncommon Chest to appear on the screen before the chest opening animation completed.
  • The navigation arrows now properly appear when the Expanded View of the Card Info popup is enabled.

Cards: Deck Manager

  • Card sleeves no longer reset to the default option when editing a deck.
  • Cards can now be zoomed when the All button is selected while viewing a deck.
  • HGSS and BW series promos are now properly flagged as legal in the Legacy format.
  • The Legacy filter in the Deck Wizard now functions properly.
  • The View Deck and Save Deck popups now show the proper quantities for all of the cards in the deck.

Cards: Trading

  • Resolved an issue which occasionally caused filters to stop working.
  • Resolved an issue which prevented items from the Pikachu Avatar Collection from being traded.
  • The Collection Number filter now functions properly.

Daily Challenges

  • Resolved an issue which prevented some players from selecting a new Daily Challenge.


  • Resolved an issue which allowed a user to block their own account, resulting in a loss of access to Chat.
  • Resolved an issue which periodically caused the Friends list to flicker and reset position.
  • Trade notifications now properly appear immediately after trades are completed.

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