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2 errors to report here


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1. Liligant from xy. The 1st move putting opponent to sleep when they attach energy is not functioning. This make the card totally useless without the effect. Pls fixed it


2. I got disconnected everytime I find a battle in legacy format during 2 May 2016 4.50pm to 5pm(GMT+8). This has cost me 2packs of HS Heart gold Soul Silver because I am just 2 wins away to unlock the rewards from challenge


The performance of pokemon developers is so disappointing. We as a loyal fans has supported the game for so long and still unable to give us a promising and stable game play. Pls refund our lost because of the weakness of the server. U can always check my login record at the time stated above before giving back my rewards. It is so sad because we seldom have the opportunity to get the HS packs  :(

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