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Lf DC wants FT Rs, Bp, EX


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I need 15 DC (Double Crisis) cards till I have the entire set. Below is my list of the cards I need, all are tagged as want.


Foil Pokemon:

  • Poochyena (Magma)
  • Spheal
  • Aron
  • Lairon
  • Numel


Nonfoil Pokemon:

  • Numel


Foil Trainers:

  • Team Aqua Admin
  • Team Aqua Grunt
  • Team Aqua's Great Ball
  • Team Magma Admin
  • Team Magma Grunt
  • Team Magma's Great Ball
  • Team Magma's Secret Base



  • Double Aqua Energy nonfoil  x2
  • Double Magma Energy foil  x2

I have RS, BP, and other ex that are tagged for trade. Will take multiples of the same card if you have.


Thanks :)

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I've got the following from your list:


1 nonfoil Team Magma's Numel

2 foil Team Magma's Poochyena

1 foil Team Magma Admin

3 foil Team Magma Grunt

2 foil Team Magma's Great Ball

1 nonfoil Double Aqua Energy


Only interested in ROS packs.

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