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[prototype] Ace in the hole (standard format)


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Prototype of a "I don't need basics" deck revolving around dumping stuff like Mega-Blastoise or Greninja-BREAK in the discard pile, and reviving them with Archie's Ace in the Hole. Then you can slap some energy onto the Mega-Blastoise with Mega Turbo and hit for 180 in the face or you can bomb their bench with Greninja-BREAK.
(Yes, they will have no attack this way, just slap 4 of them on your bench and bomb the **** out of your opponent) Also, as both main pokes are not basic, Team Magma's Secret Base does not hurt them, however, it hurts your opponent and makes bombing them a bit easier.

Perk'mehrns (14)
4x Greninja BREAK
4x Mega Blastoise-EX
2x Remorai d
2 x Octillery
2x Manaphy-EX

Trainer (28)
4x Archie's Ace in the Hole
4x Mega Turbo
4x Energy Retrieval
3x Battle Compressor
3x Ultra ball
2x Misty's Determination
2x Versus seeker
2x Skyla
2x Team Magma's Secret Base
2x Profs Letter

Energy (18)
4x Double Colorless Energy
14x Water Energy

Note: this is still a prototype draft, but I actually had to write down this idea.
Idk if it's playable, test reviews would be welcome (if you have the cards).

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Well, I see two problems immediately. First, you have only four Basic Pokemon. While I get that that is the point of the deck, it means you're going to have a lot of mulligans, which means giving your opponent a lot of free cards for their first turn.

Secondly, and more importantly, you're relying on Greninja BREAK to hit from the bench, without a Stage 2 Greninja under it. This creates two subproblems: first, I'm not sure that it's even legal to place a Pokemon BREAK directly on the bench with Archie's, because Pokemon BREAK depend on the underlying Pokemon to provide the weakness, resistance, and retreat cost. I can't find a ruling on this in the Compendium.

Second, even if it is legal, Greninja BREAK's Giant Water Shuriken ability can only be used if it is the Active Pokemon. This differs from the Stage 2 Greninja's Water Shuriken, which can be used from the bench. As you can only retreat once per turn, this would mean that without Switch, Escape Rope, or some other switching Trainer, you would only be able to use it twice per turn, not four, and only once if you started the turn with something else in the active slot. And without a switching Trainer, once you would retreat and bring up a Greninja BREAK, it would be stuck there for the rest of the turn and you'd be unable to launch a normal attack with Mega Blastoise.

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1) Nice idea

2) You can't Archie Breaks

3) Too much energy (You can't Archie with so much energy cause you can't dump the energy)

4) Maintenance

5) You need 4 VS Seeker and only 2 Archies

6) You still need Sycamore

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You must limit the number of situational cards you run as well as the number of supporters in order to maximize your chances of successfully using ace in the hole. Energy retrieval is a terrible idea. The card used in other decks, specifically archie 's blastoise is superior energy retrieval which requires two discards to use like ultra ball and is only available in expanded. 4 archie us really bad. 2 archie in hand means it is not playable (almost). 4 trainer's mail which replaces skyla and doesn't use your supporter for the turn is pretty critical imo.

Archie and maxie engines leave little room for creativity but I believe firmly that you need 4 battle compressor vs seeker and trainers mail as a very basic start. No more than 7 or 8 supporters in total including 2 copies of maxie.

It is my belief that mega turbo and the archie mechanic are not compatible since mega turbo is not playable until after the trick is completed


What are the community's thoughts?

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Like other people said, you cannot Archie/Maxie BREAK evolutions, as they are considered extensions of Pokemon and not Pokemon themselves.

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