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LF Foil HGSS Trainers. FT Fates Collide packs on realease day.


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I'm looking for the following foil trainers
3x Fisherman
3x Interviewer's Questions (CoL)
3x Interviewer's Questions (UL)
3x Judge
2x Junk Arm
4x Legend Box
4x Lost Remover
4x Lost World
4x Professor Elm's Training Method (CoL)
4x Professor Elm's Training Method (HGSS)
2x Professor Oak's New Theory (CoL)
4x Professor Oak's New Theory (HGSS)
4x Rare Candy
4x Seeker
2x Switch

Also these ones
4x Bill
4x Black Belt
4x Burned Tower
8x Cheerleader's Cheer (4 UL & 4 Col)
3x Copycat (HGSS)
4x Copycat (Col)
4x Defender
4x Dual Ball (UL)
4x Dual Ball (Col)
4x Emcee's Chatter
4x Energy Exchanger
4x Energy Returner
4x Energy Swith
4x Engineer's Adjustments
4x Flower Shop Lady
4x Full Heal
4x Good Rod
4x Indigo Plateau
4x Life Herb
4x Moomoo Milk
4x PlusPower
4x Poke Ball
4x Pokegear
4x Pokemon Circulator
4x Pokemon Collector
4x Pokemon Communication
4x Pokemon Reversal
4x Research Record
4x Ruins of Alph
4x Sage's Training (CoL)
4x Sage's Training (Undaunted)
4x Team Rocket's Trickery
4x Twins

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Hi there,


I have all of that for trade. Just curious how many Fates Collide packs would you trade for it all?  I'm not sure if I want to accept these new packs to trade these old foils away but if the offer is right I might.





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