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LF Seeker, Rainbow Energy and Cheren


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Im Looking For:




3X Cheren




3X Rainbow Energy




4X Seeker




I have the following for trade:


1 X Interviewers Questions


1 X Bottom Suicune and Entei Legend


5X Cincinno


1X Tyrogue


2X Smeargle


4X Engineer's Adjustments


9X Pokemon Communication


1X Twin


6X Switch


7X Professor Juniper


2X Professor Elm's Training Method


2X FA Zekroms (will be traded only for nonFA Zekrom plus other cards in my need list)




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i have 1 rainbow energy and 1 cheren.


The only thing i need from your list is the Zekrom though





the FA zekrom can only be traded with a non FA zekrom plus cards i need


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