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HGSS era commons Ft


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While attempting to pull some good cards from HGSS, I ended up with some commons and uncommons that I don't really need.

Below are extra copies of cards that I'm selling.
As for things I want, I would prefer packs (standard company rates apply with some exceptions)

Bp is 0.75, can't remember but one company goes by 0.5
Plb is 1.25
HGSS is 3.0
CoL is 3.0

We can talk if you have cards to trade
I ask that you get within 0.1

Caterpie (0.25)
Chansey (0.25)
Clefairy (0.25)
Cyndaquil (0.25)
Drowzee (0.25)
Dunsparce (0.35)
Exeggcute (0.25)
Girafarig (0.25)
Heracross (0.35)
Hoppip (0.25)
Jigglypuff (0.25)
Jynx (0.25)
Koffing (0.25)
Ledian (0.45)
Ledyba (0.25)
Miltank (0.35)
Pa_ras (*censored) (0.25)
Phanpy (0.25)
Sandshrew (0.25)
Snubbull (0.25)
Spinarak (0.25)
Staryu (0.25)
Sunkern *foil (0.45)
Wooper (0.25)

I actually have no idea what to charge, if someone could help, I'd appreciate it.
Bill (0.50)
Poke Ball
Poke Gear (3.0)
Professor Elm's Training Method (0.75)

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