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Problems I've Come Across


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I play on an Android tablet, relatively new device (bought 3? months ago)


When I first load the game it is normal, but after 4 matches or so it crashes.


It has crashed 3 times during pack/chest openings (1 furious fists pack, 1 flash fire pack, and 1 uncommon chest) and when I reload the game, they were gone and I got no cards or anything from them as far as I could tell. I haven't put in a support ticket, and it happened a few days ago.

The deck builder is the worst lag. I swipe a card up to add it and I can count to 15 (slowly) before it adds it to my deck. I also get this kind of lag right before the game crashes in the middle of a match.

And the keyboard won't even open for 3 minutes when I go to rename a deck, and when it does it instantly closes again. I feel very lucky when I do finally get my deck named after 15 minutes though :P

My keyboard app is the system default, and it is up to date.

When I'm running ptcgo I have no other programs running. I have a task manager and I check it after every crash. I also do not have any social media apps or IM apps. So the crashing definitely is the ptcgo client.


Other than fixing the crashing (which I understand takes a while), one more suggestion I have would be to move the in hand cards up a little bit.

The cards are extremely close to where the home button and stuff pops up, and when I swipe a card to move it sometimes it opens Google and closes my game.


I hope I'm not repeating anything that's already been mentioned. I'm really enjoying the game now that it's back up and running :)

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