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ISO: Smeargle Portrait Ability


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Whats going on you guys??

Currently I am in search of


2x Smeargle with the Portrait Ability

Call of Legends or HGSS (whichever he's in hehe).

2x Professor Oaks New Theory

Cards for trade:

2x Archeops SR

1x Dusknoir SR

1x Virizion EX full art

3x Registeel EX full art

1x VS Seeker SR

Packs for trade:

2x Emerging Powers

14x Double Crisis


40+ Ancient Origins

40+ Breakthrough

15x BreakPoint

3x Phantom Forces

3x Primal Clash

8x Generations

and tons of in format EX and FA if you are looking for any please ask.

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8 packs worth per i think is fair cause its hard to find. LMK Lord Kieta!


I seem to have misquoted him by a bit. Willing to do 15 packs per, plus any cards you might need. Willing to do my 2x SR archeops and FA virizion though

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