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[Legacy] WhiteRemKing


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Since it looks like I'm not going to play that much longer, and even if I do, it will quite likely be far less in the near future, I'll just leave that here for the record and for you to enjoy.
This has been my main grinding deck since the launch of Legacy, and of course it evolved a lot since the first version, but I'm now certain that this is the best version of the deck at like 58-59/60 cards.
The results for this deck in tournaments have been :
- 21 Win
- 6 Final
- 6 Semi
- 4 Quarter
=> Win rate of about 83.5% which is more than sufficient, even if we take into consideration the crappy decks we face in Legacy every once in a while.
Anyway on to the decklist:



3 White Kyurem-EX LTR 101
2 Reshiram LTR 137
4 Tepig LTR 25
1 Pignite LTR 26
3 Emboar LTR 27
1 Exeggcute PLF 4
2 Jirachi-EX PLB 60
1 Mewtwo-EX LTR 54
1 Keldeo-EX LTR 45


4 Professor Juniper BLW 101
4 Professor Oak's New Theory CL 83
2 N DEX 96

2 Skyla BKT 148

1 Cilan NXD 86


4 Ultra Ball FLF 99
3 Rare Candy PRC 135
4 Superior Energy Retrieval PLF 103

1 Tool Scrapper DRX 116
1 Junk Arm TM 87
1 Energy Search BLW 93


1 Crystal Edge BCR 138

2 Float Stone BKT 137


9 Fire Energy HS 116
3 Water Energy HS 117




Some explanations :


- WhiteRem is the main attacker, and one that can OHKO everything in the format thanks to Crystal edge... It also doesnt share the same water weakness as Reshiram, which is obviously important not to be owned by Blastoise.deck. It's also worth notting that the first attack is actually quite good as it does not require to discard any energy (unless other threats like Rayquaza or Reshiram) and it's therefore convenient when we're facing small pokemons.


- Crystal edge is the Ace Specs of choice because it allow os to OHKO the most prominent threats of the format without relying on a coin flip for some (Virizion, Mewtwo, Genesect, Keldeo and Darkrai)


- Reshiram is the second attacker, it is necessary to have a non-EX attacker in some MU in order to trade more favourably with the opponent's threats, as well as deal with some otherwise troublesome pokemons (Suicune and Sygiliph safeguard mainly)... It does a lot of damage for only 3 energies, and it OHKO both VirGen, so that's definitely a crucial addition.


- Mewtwo is self explanatory in a deck that is cheating with the energies, and just a good revenge killer for other Mewtwo, Deoxis, and random loaded stuff.

- Keldeo is here to provide mobility to the deck as well as removing special conditions from our main attackers, this is probably one of the best card in the format, and only few deck that have a very specific plan can afford not to play it (Weavile, or Sigilyph/trubbish)... It is interesting to note that it only require one water energy to OHKO a reshiram in the mirror.

- Exeggcute is cute, you don't really rely on it, but it's definitely important to have in the late game, in order to still be able to play Superior Energy Retrieval (SER) when you're low on card or when your opponent N you to 1 or 2 (2 would be ok, but you might draw junk arm into SER, hence the need of the egg)

- Jirachi is pretty much on the same level as Keldeo, but his purpose is different, as it his the consistency guy... This is the pokemon that makes Ultra ball the best card in the deck, because having Jirachi (and Skyla) allow you to play 4 Computer search that are named Ultra ball.

- The 4-1-3 line is pretty easy to grasp so I won't bother you with that. The ideal start is one of the 6 attackers (WRem/Resh/Mewtwo) in the active spot and a tepig on the bench wich is why I'm playing 4 of the small pig since it is very important to setup and start taking a prize as early as possible.



Regarding the supporters :

- Juniper and Oak are the most reliable and efficient ones in the format in order to dig in your deck. N is here as a proxy a it does the same as the above but usually a bit worse, since this deck will often be ahead in the prize race... I used to play 1 N and 1 Colress for a long time, but the fact that Colress is aweful when it's in your only supporter in the opening hand, made me want to make that change... Colress is definitely good, but I value consistency very high in this deck, since the most reliable way to loose is to fail to setup fast enough... You will very rarely loose because you lack gas in the late game (which Colress would provide better than N) but you might if you start with a crappy hand.

- Cilan is the reliable way to get energies, and has the nice benefit of finding a water energy as well so it works perfectly with WhiteRem and Jirachi... Sometimes it's just safer to draw less card but all energies than just Juniper for 7 and hope to get what you want.

- Skyla is obviously awesome with Jirachi and is a key factor in the deck's success as it helps you find the right thing at the right time. Turn 1 it will be a Ultra ball into Tepig, turn 2 a Rare candy or an Emboar depending wich other part you have, and then it might either be a Crystal edge for a surprise kill or a SER to get all the energies you need not to miss a beat.


Trainers :

- Ultra ball as I said is the best card in the deck, it's pretty much a Computer search, but you are playing 4 of them... Consistency much ?

- Candies are obvious for the T2 Emboar, 2 is too risky, and 4 not needed.

- 4 SER : A key component in the decks strategy since your 2 main attackers are consuming 2 energies per turn... I used to play a fisherman at first but it being a supporter was a pain most of the time, since you can't Juniper into it... Also SER can be Junk arme'd. This is just the most reliable way to get energies on the board in the late game.


The other stuff :

- The tool scrapper is the only card that will most of the time be bad. It sure has a lot of target between Float stones and GBooster, but those cards are usually not a big deal since for the forst one we're not playing catcher or laser so they can move the way they want we're just gonna kill what's in front, and for the second (Gbooster) players try to save it for the turn they attack with Genesect to get a kill, and we revenge kill anyway the turn after.

So here is why it's not good, but I still think that it is a necessity in the deck, in order not to be in a very bad position against garbodor and some life dew decks..

- Junk arm, it's main purpose is to be a 5th SER, but sometimes it will be an ultra ball for a Jirachi into a supporter lategame, and sometimes it will be a tool scrapper against the 2 threats mentionned just above.

- Energy search is basically the 13th energy, except that this one can be of the type you want (important since we're playing few water energies) and can be tutored by Skyla... IT might not seem like a big deal, but finding the first water energy is important (after we can recycle it as will with SER).

- The Float stones are here for the great combo with Keldeo to reset conditions and provide mobility for free, as well as preventing your Emboar to be stuck in the active position.


Regarding the numbers :

- Pretty much everything has been tested and optimized at this point, but there might be a card or 2 that you can switch if you want... Like the 2nd Skyla used to be a 2nd Junk arm for a bit and the 2nd N used to be a Colress.

- Other than that, 3 candies, 3 emboar and 3 water energiies because you can't afford them to be all prized (2% if fine)... 2 Float stone, 2 Jirachi, 2 Skyla because you don't want them to be prized, but playing more would be detrimental for the deck.. And yeah I think that's all.



All in all, the deck is very consistent, and that's probably the most important thing in Legacy.

It does great against Plasma, VirGen, Rayquaza, Blastoise and pretty much everything, the only MU that sounded harder were Garbodor (for the disruption) Weavile (for the favorable prize trade) and Sygiliph/Trubbish (same)... But all in all they are all very manageable and definitely less consistent wich makes them around 50/50 I'd say.


Anyway, hope you'll enjoy it.



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