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Can someone explain a bit what the speedrun is?


I just completed the first 3 cups and unlocked all 12 achievements for the three starter packs.


But then a new option speedrun appeared. Now i have to do 36 battles and they have to go as fast as possible.


Is there any reward for completing it fast(er) ?


Because if I go to options and disable all those animations you can play much faster. But I enjoy watching the animations :)




ps first match was 2 min 39 sec, so 36 matches = almost 2 hours ?


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this speedrun type is not as much as I expected.


It all depends on luck and you have to click click click click click as fast as possible without enjoying the game.


Would be better if they did count the turns instead of time in seconds


Though i have one other questions. When you beat 12 wins with one of the default decks, you get the cards to play against other players. But when you created that deck, you selected an icon for that deck (a card box, red on top, white at the bottom) is it possible to alter that deck icon somehow?




EDIT, answered my own question, looks pretty now :)


<img src="http://img687.imageshack.us/img687/2527/pokemonbj.jpg" style="width: 700px; height: 476px;" alt="" />


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