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Omastar Fun Deck idea


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Hey guys, today was my Fates Collide Prerelease, and I manages to pull the evolution line and made my deck around it. and once it was over i made an actual build because the test once was fun.


This is a theory build because I still don't have all the cards required to complete it. Plus I'm not to positive on the Ruling concerning the new Fates Collide Mew and Restored pokemon.



Pokemon : 15


3x Aerodactyl

2x Gyarados-EX

3x Mew

3x Omanyte

3x Omastar

1x Omastar BREAK


Items : 23


1x Evosoda

1x Float Stone

2x Fossil Excavation Kit

4x Helix Fossil Omanyte

4x Maintenance

2x Max Elixer

2x Old Amber Aerodactyl

1x Super Rod

1x Switch

1x Town Map

3x Trainers' Mail

1x Ultra Ball


Supporters : 10


1x Archie's Ace in the Hole

1x Fisherman

1x Hex Maniac

1x Lysandre

1x Misty's Determination

2x Pokemon Center Lady

1x Psychic's Third Eye

2x Wally


Energy : 12


4x Double Colorless Energy

8x Basic Water Energy



Please leave any and all Constructive Criticism :) :)


PS: If you can find Reasonable room for a VS Seeker or a couple Pal Pads, I'd Be Grateful.

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If the Mew's ability is as translated, it can only copy attacks from basic Pokemon. Restored Pokemon unfortunately do not count as Basic Pokemon, for the purpose of effects like these (or Pyroar etc.)


Great theory build though!

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