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Beta testing tablet android some problems


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I report you some important problems to me.

So the first one is this story about the redemption codes taking too long. I wish they will solve it once and for all. Then i noticed a bug during the game a couple of times. While i Was playing an expanded match i evolved my pokemon in accelgor and then i cant attack or do anything. The only option selectable was "end turn". This is much frustrating because it ruins your game and change the result. The last thing that has nothing to do with tablet but its for the game in general i think they should add a penalty for those who quit the game before the end of the match when they are losing. It happens 9 times out of 10. It is not legit because we have some daily challenge to do and some are for example : "do xxx damage in expanded match " so if our opponent quit the match we are penalized and this is not right. They sholud lose some points when they quit. That's all for now

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