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Florges card ability wont work, or works even better


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I got a match and the ability wasnt working.... the next match, i had no energy on any pokemon and could attack lol worked like extreme mode...


Also, the game dosent load at 60%


Every time theres a patch or pokemon whent offline for a while it comes back full of bugs..

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Hi The1AFK,


The Florges bug is a known issue which the Dev team is working to resolve, so I'll close this thread. We greatly appreciate your patience until this can be fixed and encourage you to create a new thread if you come across any other bugs.


As for the game not loading, if you are still experiencing this issue please create another thread detailing the issue or feel free to submit a ticket via the link in my signature so that we can try and troubleshoot with you.



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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