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Its very simple if you PAY ATTENTION. (avoid trade scammers)


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Well unfortunately it seems that people are still being scammed into giving away their precious and valuable rare cards. Honestly I think Pokemon TCGO has done as about a good a job as they can in the trade area as far as SPECIFYING who is giving and who is recieving said cards. Look, its unfortunate you have some untrusty traders out there. But all you have to do is "pay attention". First of all dont even waste your time going into a trade that says "FREE CARD HERE" or "TAKE THIS CARD I DONT WANT IT ANYMORE"....that in itself should be a RED FLAG for you. Nobody gives away free cards, especially rares. And again TCGO shows you in the trade offer the actual NAME of the person offering the trade. so if it says ZEKROM311 is giving: (no cards) and YOU are giving: GENGAR PRIME and you still click ACCEPT, then I'm sorry, I dont see how POKEMON TCGO should be liable for your negligence. Its simple, stop thinking someone is going to give you something for free. Dont entertain offers where there are not cards present in both giving sections of the trade offer. And stop being so hasty with the "accept" buttons and maybe, just MAYBE you can retain your precious rare cards.


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You can use the edit button instead of making a new post for every sentence.




Yeah they have made great strides in making it as clear as possible. But I think there is always going to be people who don't pay attention, and people who are going to take advantage of those people.


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Hello friends!




While we always appreciate our Trainers looking out for their fellow friends, let's make sure we're staying friendly! There are a couple of super, duper notifications from our Professors that talk about this unfortunate issue.




You can review Professor Proto's excellent explination right here[/u]! This was actually just updated for you guys, too! And don't forget, we do take this situation seriously. You can see my note to players <a href="http://www.pokemontcg.com/forums/announcements-23/topics/trade-scammers]over here[/url], for some information on reporting misleading trades too!




That said, I'm going to close this thread to avoid any hurt feelings. Again, thank you for being so supportive. Battle on!






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