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LF Seismitoad ex reg/FA and Junk arms, Seeker (HGSS) and Weavile. LOTS TO TRADE!


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I have the following cards to trade plus a ton from my binder that you can feel free to check out. I'm open to trades for other cards also and for packs! My in game name is CzechMate24.

1X SR Trainers' Mail

1x Articuno ex Plasma

1x Glalie ex **

** Gyarados FA BP

2X M Scizor **

** Scizor **

** Scizor ex reg

1x M Scizor ex

2X Kyurem ex

2X Garchomp **** off

1X Prof Birch Observations **

** Sceptile ex Promo

1X HGSS Pichu

1X Lugia EX FA AO

2X M Mewtwo ex FA and one reg (Psychic Infinity)

4X Mewtwo ex Photon and one **

** Mex EX 1X M Tyranitar ex

3X Rayquaza ex

3X Tornadus EX PF

2X Thundurus EX PF

1X Yvelal ex XY

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