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[Legacy] Darkrai-EX / Garbodor


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This is what I'm currently using in Legacy to some success. It's gone through a few changes and while I would like to add in more cards but the deck list is very tight. Garbodor seems pretty much necessary with Virizion/Genesect and Team Plasma variants being the top dogs in the format. However I believe this deck has a lot of play against those archtypes simply because Garbodor is so good and the Darkrai-EX swarm is difficult for any deck to deal with. However it is worth noting that Garbodor only stops abilities and not Poke-Powers or Poke-Bodies so that is a slight downside. The main weakness is players using Junk Arm over and over to play Tool Scrapper to remove float stone from Garbodor and allowing them to use abilities. The lack of top fighting pokemon outside of Landorus-EX (which without Muscle Band, Strong Energy etc... isn't a hard counter to Darkrai-EX) makes Darkrai's weakness not as important.


The Deck:


Pokemon: 13
4 Darkrai-EX DEX
2 Trubbish NV
2 Garbodor NXD
2 Sableye DEX
1 Keldeo-EX BCR
1 Cleffa HGSS
1 Jirachi-EX PLB

Trainers: 37
4 Professor Juniper BLW
3 Professor Oak's New Theory HGSS
2 Pokemon Collector HGSS
1 N NV
1 Seeker HGTr
4 Ultra Ball DEX
4 Hypnotoxic Laser PLS
4 Dark Patch DEX
3 Float Stone PLF
2 Dark Claw DEX
2 Virbank City Gym PLS
2 Junk Arm HGTr
1 Lost Remover CoL
1 Computer Search BCR
1 Pokemon Reversal HGSS
1 Energy Switch HGSS
1 Tool Scrapper NXD

Energy: 10
10 Dark Energy


Card Selection Reasoning:


Most cards in this list don't need any explanation but a few do so I will go over them now. If you have any questions over cards I don't cover let me know!


Seeker HGTr: Seeker is very good at getting Jirachi-EX off the bench and saving heavily damaged Darkrai. Also can be used as a surprise donk effect and if the opponent only has one benched Pokemon and you are able to knock out their active Pokemon.


Cleffa HGSS: Although I don't think it needs much explanation most players haven't really seen the power of Cleffa. Since this deck doesn't attack turn 1 or turn 2 consistently you need something to do in the meantime and Cleffa is great way to smooth out draws and find what you need early. When it stays asleep after an attack it and doesn't die to Laser/Bank the tempo that is gained from not taking any damage for a turn is immense. It's weakness is obviously very low HP and bench damage allowing for an easy prize however they still usually have to KO 3 Pokemon-EX to win so the prize given up isn't too damaging.


Pokemon Collector HGSS: Even though this isn't an evolution deck this card is just too powerful to not play. Finding Trubbish/Cleffa/Jirachi-EX and obviuously Darkrai-EX early can be key to winning against top archtypes. Since I play a split of 1 Cleffa / 1 Jirachi-EX they are usually never prized together Pokemon Collector allows you to find a supporter next turn or immediately Eeeek (Cleffa's attack) if you on the draw and are able to get Cleffa in the active position.


Energy Switch HGSS: This card has multiple applications as it can allow me to play an energy on the active retreating for free with Darkrai-EX's Dark Cloak ability and then switch it to the Darkrai-EX for an immediate attack. Also it allows for the continual stream of undamaged Darkrai's turn after turn and gives Keldeo-EX a pseudo Float Stone that can be switched later on for a tempo gain.


Cards which I've considered playing:


Shaymin HGUnl: Since as mentioned before that Garbodor does not stop Poke-Powers this card can switch a damaged Darkrai for a fresh one and completely surprise an opponent. I just need to get one :).


Mr. Mime PLF: This card has great utility against the top decks since Genesect-EX, Plasma Kyurem, Darkrai-EX, and Landorus-EX all deal bench damage. However since I want Garbodor online against 2 of these decks it makes Mr. Mime somewhat of a waste. If the meta game ever changed to be heavy Darkrai-EX / Landorus-EX then it would warrant the inclusion.


Smeargle CoL: I'm torn between this card and Cleffa (HGSS) since it has to be active, sometimes can whiff, has a retreat cost and gets knocked out at about the same rate as Cleffa. Smeargle lets you, in theory, use 2 Supporters a turn which is very strong while Cleffa may be immune from damage occasionally but is very weak against Laser/Bank and bench damage. I don't have a Smeargle so I can't really say which is better since I haven't tested. Also neither gets hit by Garbodor's ability so that's a plus.


Absol PLF: Since this deck can be weak against anti-EX Pokemon (Suicune/Sigilyph) Absol can be used as an alternate attacker but since I play Garbodor and hedge my bets I would rather play a 4th Darkrai-EX so I can consistently get it into play on the first turn.


More Pokemon Reversal HGSS: I could only find room for one but this card is key in all matchups. I would want at least a second but the list is very tight and I would need to play more to find a card to cut.


I don't think this is the best deck in Legacy but I think it gives the most well rounded matchups against the field and punishes bad draws by evolution decks. I believe Virizion-EX/Genesect-EX/Celebi Prime is probably the most consistent deck but Celebi is very expensive in PTCGO and I have only seen a fully fleshed out version once. I'll try to update the list if I make any changes. Thanks in advance for any feedback!


(Sorry for any weird phrasing. The censors in the forums are extremely sensitive and most of the time don't make any sense.)


e: censor problems

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