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New to the game and wondering do pack values go down as new expansions release?

Like break point for example seems to be slightly higher value than break through. Also does it even matter? Does break point packs really get you a trade faster than break through packs? Are all packs in standard close to the same value most times?


I know there's exceptions (looking at you roaring skies with your shaymin. I don't under stand why the price has risen on them last couple weeks?) but trying to figure out the economy a little moving forward, Thanks!


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In general, most XY era packs are the same value, with a few outliers. 


Most people measure values in "standard packs" which are packs that are given a value of 1. The most common of these is Roaring Skies, with that also being the most valuable XY era pack. So every other pack is generally valued at less than 1 pack. 


Most other XY era packs are in the .75 value range (roughly of course, it varies by player), with exceptions being flashfire only being worth about .6 (weird since it is valued irl, but whatever), and XY base which is about .6 as well. the rest are all between .67-.8, once again depending on individual players. I hope this helps, and if you have any more questions or I need to clarify something, just let me know :)

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how much it costs  full art Mmewtwo x ex

Well, there are 5 FA mewtwo:


FA NXD - 30


FA Redtwo - 4


FA Bluetwo - 2


FA SR Redtwo - 5


FA SR Bluetwo - 3


Then for Megas:


FA M Redtwo - 4


FA M Bluetwo - 2

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