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Major bug - free victories


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I was playing against the AI with lightning / fire deck.


As first pokemon he threw a voltorb at me. Then in his bench he added uprgaded pokemons that were really strong. So I knew if i attack the voltorb, i would most likely lose. (upgraded growlith does 110 damage). So i didnt attack the voltorb. And strange thing is, the enemy never added an energy card to it.


So just take a card, end turn. Then the enemy did the same thing. And then when your deck is almost empty, use that trainer card to discard all cards and take six new cards. That way he will run out of cards before you:


36885797.jpg" style="width: 673px; height: 434px;


19174751.jpg" style="width: 676px; height: 500px;


59220462.jpg" style="width: 675px; height: 408px;


<img src="http://img153.imageshack.us/img153/5540/27622902.jpg" style="width: 688px; height: 366px;" alt="" />






And as you can see. I also did NOT get the achievement for winning when opponent runs out of cards.


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The ai will act differently according to what difficulty you have it set to as well. There are still some ways which it might not behave according to normal human logic ;). Also the achievements aren't all working correctly yet. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Prof Proto


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"Being defeated is often a temporary condition. Giving up makes it permanent"


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