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Copy-Paste Latios-EX rush deck


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I'm looking to polish up the ol' Latios-EX/Bat chain rush deck and need input.


The primary issue I run into now is Trevenant Lock decks, I can't seem to figure out a decent counter without sacrificing the consistency I'm having against pretty much everything else...


Deck list:



4x Latios-EX

1x M-Latios-EX

2x Shaymin-EX

4x Zubat

4x Golbat

3x Crobat



1x Battle Compressor

3x Super Scoop Up

4x Trainer Mail

4x Ultra Ball

4x VS Trainer

1x Ace Trainer

1x AZ

1x Hex Maniac

2x Lysandre

1x Pokemon Fan Club

3x Prof Sycamore

1x Shauna

1x M-Latios-EX Spirit Link

4x Muscle Band



4x Double Dragon

5x Psychic

2x Water


I never have trouble pulling out a first-round 60dmg hit, but if they are able to whip out a first round lock on me I get pretty stuck pretty fast.


Has anyone else played a Latios speed deck? Any advice against a Trelock deck?

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