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Looking for Blastoise and Feraligatr (P)


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My Rares Available:




Many commons/uncommons from all packs also available.


Trainers available for trade:


Energy Adjustment x1


PlusPower x5


Professor Elm's Training Method x3


Rare Candy x1


Sage's Training x1


Switch x1


Twins x2




Looking for:






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If you look around Public Trade or Public Trade chat, you can find a Blastoise for relatively fair trade. I got my 3 Blastoises for the same collector's value (rare).




1:1 Rare trade is the way to go. Don't go any higher than that.


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Wow, didn't know other people could take trades in the public offer section lol I had set it up for you and everything! sorry guille02 x_x




Thanks for the tip StarWolfHD! It's my first time trading, so I am still trying to figure out the ins and outs of trading!


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ill give you 1 Rainbow energy and 1 feraligator prime for your 3 rare candies



Hi AWPBDumbledore,


No thank you. With the sudden increase in demand for rare candies, I think I can get a better offer for 3. Also, decided to take rainbow energy off the list, but thank you for the offer!


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