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Competitive Shiny/Non Pokemon from ORAS For Trade


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Hello! I've been wanting to restart my oras adventure for a while now but i have so many competitive pokemon that i just simply don't want to get rid of without gaining anything. So, i'm here hoping to trade them for something i could use. This is what i have


Shaymin (S): Timid


-Seed Flare

-Air Slash

-Healing Wish


Gyarados: Jolly, Intimidate




-Dragon Dance


Manectric: Timid



-Volt Switch

-Hidden Power


Landorus (S; Therian): Jolly

-Stone Edge


-Swords Dance

-Knock Off


Thundurus (S; Therian): Timid



-Hidden Power

-Focus Blast


Tornadus (S; Therian): Timid


-Heat Wave

-Knock Off



Diancie: Bold



-Light Screen

-Stealth Rock


Talonflame: Jolly, Gale Wings


-Brave Bird

-Flare Blitz

-Sword Dance


Breloom: Jolly, Poison Heal



-Seed Bomb



Bisharp: Jolly, Defiant

-Iron Head

-Sucker Punch

-Sword Dance

-Knock Off


Togekiss (S): Modest


-Thunder Wave

-Nasty Plot

-Air Slash


Aegislash: Brave

-Shadow Sneak

-Swords Dance

-King's Shield

-Gyro Ball


I also have a bunch of competitive items which i forgot to give to my pokemon. If you want, ask for an item and i'll check if i have it. (item comes with the purchase of a pokemon)


Now I know it's not a lot, but i already gave a good chunk of my collection away, sorry. Anyways, I'm pretty much looking for any kind of pack (non shinies are 3, shinies are 5)


HOW IT WORKS: post a comment asking for the pokemon you want, what you'll give me and friend code. Once i reply saying something like "ok, let's trade", "deal!", etc. send me a friend request through pokemon tcg and we'll discuss our trade there. (I ONLY SEND THE POKEMON IF YOU'VE SENT ME THE TRADE AND I ACCEPTED IT)


Now i know this sounds a bit sketchy, but it's up to you to believe me or not!



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Firstly, we have a different forum for these things to be posted. It's the Pokemon Video Games Forum. It's not that active though, but there are better places online to trade with people than here.

Second, The InGame Item Exchange forum here, where you have posted this, is for trading cards in PTCGO only. Any discussion of trading other mediums such as ORAS Pokemon is not allowed.


Now i know this sounds a bit sketchy, but it's up to you to believe me or not!

This quote of yours. It's not up to us to believe you at all. It's up to forum staff, since scamming of certain mediums isn't allowed.

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