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New update = French Language K.O


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I don't know if they are french guys who play this game (Or spanish, german people ...) 
How can you do strategy if cards are in english ??

How can I change the language because ... thanks to the new update, I need to be English guy to understand and make strategy or something else ... 

If moderator can read my post, I implore him to do something. 

I'm not english guy, I'm idiot in english, I don't wanna pay a teacher to learn english because before it was in my native language. So please, If you don't wanna loose some players, like before, add languages packs !

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You can change the language the game runs in.


On the top left of the start screen (where you put your username and password in) there is a little flag, I assumed it was defaulted to your countries language, but maybe it is defaulted to English. If you click that, you can select whatever language you wish, and the game will run in that language.


Hope this answers your question!

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