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FT SR Max Potion, FA N, SR VS Seeker LF Shaymins, FA Darkrai, SR Random Receiver


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I have the following for trade, which I value at the listed amount of RS packs each


3 SR Max Potion (70)

1 FA N (90)

3 SR VS Seeker (10)


I am looking for any combination of the following, valued at the listed amounts again:


FA Shaymin-EX ROS (22)

FA Darkrai-EX DEX (60)

SR Random Receiver (10)


I'm willing to take slightly (!) unfavorable trades, but please don't strip me bare. I'm also willing to accept ROS packs, but I want to use the VS Seekers to make a deal more agreeable, so I won't trade these for packs alone.


Please answer here, PM me or just send a trade directly. If it's reasonable, I will accept it :)

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