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Looking for ********** and FA Junipers


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***NOTE*** for some reason, it wont allow me to type full art colress

If anyone can help me out, that would be amazing.

I have a plethora of Exs like Virizion, RoS FA Shaymin, 4x Keldeo, FA Primal Groudon and Kyogre, and 70+ more.


I have all of the promo full art from the Pikachu and Hoopa Ex boxes as well as nearly 90% of the Generations set that include some reverse foil energies from Generations like Dark, Fighting, Grass and Metal


I have many SR and FA trainers, some good stuff for legacy like hypotoxic laser, junk arm, reverse foil Oak, and more



I also have 3 extra copies of foil CoL Water energies and 1 Psychic energy.


Please take a look at what i have and send an offer!

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Hello, I have Juniper and many more cards you might be interested into (got colress FA as well) so add me and we can talk it in game :)

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