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Buggy since the wheel update


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my Ptcgo program worked perfectly fine before this update, since then my games have been horribly time grueling cards don't display themselves 100% of the time during Battle compressor, vs seeker, draw cards and whenever my opponent plays cards wont show up until they hit discard pile also get the 15 second count down all the time cause the cards take forever to show and even worse they can disappear again taking the same load time to display again please tell me this can be fixed i reinstalled and it worked for like an hour then bugged out again oh and every now and then the game crashes after battles, the screen locks but please help i love this game and it pains me to put my opponent through timely battles i cannot take this kinda play much longer and i dont wanna quit this awesome game but its almost impossible to play successfully at the moment. i run a windows 7

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