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Bringing things back from the past


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Hey everyone, been a long while since I posted anything, so here I am, bringing something different. Anyway, not sure if I'm not only one who does this, but lately, everytime I see all the latest Pokemon stuff, from the games to the merchandinse, can't help but thinking about the stuff that came out 20 years ago, when there was just every little thing that had Pokemon on it, and wishing that they started bringing some of that stuff back, even if they end up making a modern version of the stuff, like the Pokémon Pikachu mini games. If anybody don't know what I'm talking about, or need a refresher, it looks like a miniature game boy where you're mainly trying to become friends with Pikachu, like a early version of amie that was introduced in XY, by feeding, playing, or, by clipping it on your belt, walking around, kind of like a virtual pet. Game wise, while seeing a modern version of Stadium I wouldn't mind, even at the least, Colosseum like to see the most, along with say Snap or Pinball.

Another thing like to see make a comeback is some of the manga that came during the early years, like the Electric Tales of Pikachu, which is loosely based off the anime, but only lasted four volumes. This series seemed like the opposite of the anime, where Ash is not only a bit smarter, but at the same time, seems to have as much interest in girls as he does in pokemon, along with the fact that Gary isn't a total ****. More like a real world approach to Ash's story. Another is Pokémon Adventures, which is based on the video games, which, in a way, is still going, but also, would be nice if they brought back Red and some of the original cast into the modern version.

Last two, well, would like to see the return of the cards that came out during the first few years, mainly get a second chance to catch the cards I missed, even if the online game doesn't add them. The other, well bring in more songs, like they had when the anime used to have the Pokerap and Pikachu's Jukebox, along with the soundtracks, which were nice to listen to, especially when you had to travel long distances.

Anyway, here is what I wanted to share, and if anybody could think of anything from the past that they would like to see brought back, especially if it's to share with the current generation, feel free to drop a line, and keep it clean. And the invitation to the moderators are still the same.

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I had Pokemon hair clips and pony tail holders. I even have my old Pokemon camera that took film. I remember going to 8th grade with nothing but Pokemon school supplies. Those days were awesome. Now, all I seem to get on the rare occasion are pencils (Party City if anyone is interested) and of course Poke Dolls since I can just pop over to the Nintendo store whenever I want. When I graduated from High School, while everyone was asking for cars and such, I got a giant Pikachu plush. Now, my son plays Pokemon with me and we collect the new cards, and beat the games together. He carries his Yvetal with him everywhere!


I've tried to search the web for things like the bedsheets they used to have, and blankets and stuff. Sometimes you can even find someone with merchandise from Japan. My sister did a semester there during college and sent us a huge box of Pokemon goodies, candy, ramen, rice seasonings, and other items you can't not get here. I really wish the Pokemon company would consider carrying some of these items, or at least shipping international. I know I wouldn't mind paying extra shipping costs, I do it all the time!


HOWEVER, for those of you who need to ask your parents for items (as I used to have to do), that would be a hassle. I remember when most of the kids in my neighbor hood would go to the dollar store and buy the fake cards and try to trade with me and my sister. My dad was kind enough to buy us the whole booster box every time a new set came out. So that was an issue when we had no one else to really enjoy our cards with.


Now the same thing is happening with my son, but the ***** are even better looking! (I guess printers got better).


I especially miss Pokemon Pikachu. that was my favorite. We had the yellow one, and the silver one that was compatible with Gold and Silver. That one was awesome with Mystery Gift everyday. I wish we still had that, or if you street passed someone you could get a berry or item.


So much nostalgia.


It's funny, because while my other friends have moved on to grown up decorations and stuff, my apartment is decorated with pokemon posters and TCG tins on my book cases. In my kitchen, I even have a print out of someone's art work who used the legendaries as stand ins for DaVinci's Last Supper. People who are fans walk into my kitchen and totally go nuts over it! It's an awesome piece of art.


I think I'd like to see a 20th anniversary Pokemon tea set. Japan is known for their beautiful ceremonies! Why not a English style set, and a Japanese style set. (I know, I'm such a girl).

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