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Trading various XY (and a handful of BW) packs for a Shaymin EX FA


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Hello. So, recently (By that i mean two months ago) I embarked on a journey to get the Shaymin EX FA and after months of struggle I have manage to accumulate (spent more than i should've on gameplay items) the following packs:


BW- Bounderies Crossed (x1)

BW- Plasma Blast (x1)

Call of Legends (x3)

XY- Flash Fire (x1)

Uncommon Chest (x1)

XY- Base Set (x1)

XY- Ancient Origina (x3)

XY- Breakpoint (x12) (I'll probably have more of these soon :< )

XY- Furious Fists (x4)

XY- Phantom Forces (x3)

XY- primal Clash (x2)

XY- Roaring Skies (x3) (I might get more of these :< ).


This is literally my entire pack collection at the moment (more than i have ever had). If anyone is willing to trade then by all means, please tell me your demands.


Thankyou. :)

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