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Volcorno / Golem-EX


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A while back I had a Lucario-EX/Volcorna deck and this is basically an update of that using Golem. The idea is that you can use Volcorna to get Golem out quickly, but also you make use of Cassius to put damaged pokemon back into the deck, to grab out again with Volcorna. 


So the way I'm running this is:


4X2 Volcorna

2 Hawlucha

2 Golem-EX

1 Lucario-EX


2 Scorched Earth

2 Battle Compressor

4 Max Elixir

2 Super Rod

1 Switch

1 Escape Rope

1 Level Ball


2 Fighting Fury Belt

2 Protection Cube

2 Focus Sash


3 Wally

2 Cassius

1 Lysander


3 Shauna

2 Sycamore

2 Korrina

1 Judge


4 Strong Energy

8 Fighting Energy




Basically everything except Golem is a good starter. Remember, the key to this deck is actually Cassius. 

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