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Theme deck credit.


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You know how there are booster credits, redeemed from a booster pack, that allows you to buy any virtual booster packs in Pokemon TCG online right?




Now I think that there should also be Theme deck Credits, unlockable by buying any theme deck. I feel that if I unlock a virtual copy of a theme deck that I already own, then it would be like buying 2 copies of the same theme deck, therefore, I feel that when you buy a physical theme deck, it should give you a credit, in which you can buy whatever theme deck you want, even the old ones from Heartgold and Soulsilver expansion, without having to re-release old theme decks and ripping off those who already bought the Daybreak and Nightfall theme decks.




For example. When I buy Power Play theme deck, I should be able to use that code to unlock the Blue Assault theme deck. That is what I am getting at here.




This idea also prevents theme decks that are bad to not sell in game and hobby shops, because the bad ones are usually cheaper, and those who want to only play online, can just buy the bad ones, and unlock the good one online.


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By Redeeming the Theme Deck you get it unlocked no credits.





That is what I want changed. It makes me feel bad for buying Daybreak and Nightfall theme decks in the Fall of 2010, and now they re-release the decks so they have codes in them? I also despise buying the same stuff twice. I want it so that when you unlock a theme deck, you get a credit, so you can choose whatever theme deck you want. So that way, people can buy the shelfwarmer theme deck such as Green Tornado, and unlock the virtual theme deck, such as Nightfall, whose physical copy version would have sold out fast and have the price marked up.




By doing it this way, you are not ripping off customers who bought the older theme decks when they originally came out. PTCGO can have as many of the older theme decks without having customers re-buy the old theme decks they already own. Rather than re-releasing Daybreak and Nightfall so they have online codes in them, they should just included Energy cards in Tins and Box Sets.


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