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bug with the graveyard


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in a standard format tournament (2 match)


i had this bug:


i looked at the graveyard and then the button of the graveyard stayed in the middle of the screen with no possibility to make it disapear.




this problem make impossible to : end your turn without attacking, using shaymin ability (you can't confirm you want to draw cards.)


you can't look in your graveyard any more




i lost 4 tickets but honnestly that's not the point, just want to warn because that's some kind of big issue that completly ruin the tournament experience. (looking in your graveyard is fairly common habits in many decks)




here is the screenshot of the situation





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This is what is referred to as a soft lock. The game will do this from time to time. Next time it happens to you in a tournament, close out the game completely and sign back in. In tournament matches, you are given a 5 minute window to re-connect to your match. This will fix the problem and allow you to continue the match.

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