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Sorry if this has been covered but Google only returns old information. I'm certain this is an issue for everyone but can we choose to not permanently save cards etc to our devices?


My iPad is only 16GB (12GB usable) and pokemonTCG now takes up 6.8GB and it keeps growing! I hate apple products but wanted a tablet, this game is the only reason I swayed towards an iPad but it's getting to the stage where I won't have anything installed other than this game.

If that is the case I'll have to call it a day on this game, sell my iPad and enjoy my other apps on a preferred device. Which I really don't want to do.


On android devices you have the option to delete everything related to an app except the app itself but can't do that with iPad. And even if I could I imagine when I log on it will just download my collection again. I'm surprised the card info takes up more space than one of my downloaded TV series!

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