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Trevenant EX


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I happen to pull two of them so I figured I'd try him.


He's pretty good. Each grass energy adds 20 damage to his attack. so with 3 he does 110. Being Grass type Airidos is good back up. And since Airdos is in there might as well have a Raticate break as an option. I only have one break and one Raticate. I do want more but for this deck its more of a secondary anyway. Ive been fairly successful with it. Most losses due to the game crashing. This is only the second or third deck Ive built but I am learning.


And before anyone asks I dont have any Octillary or the other staple that lets you draw cards.


Questions, comments, thoughts, tips?


****** Pokémon Trading Card Game Deck List ******


Pokémon - 13


2 Dunsparce BKP 90

1 Raticate BREAK BKP 89

2 Rattata BKP 87

1 Raticate BKP 88

1 Seedot FLF 5

2 Spinarak AOR 5

2 Ariados AOR 6

2 Trevenant-EX PRC 145


Trainer Cards - 31


2 Giovanni's Scheme BKT 138

1 Wally ROS 94

1 Lysandre FLF 90

2 Team Flare Grunt XY 129

2 Pokémon Fan Club FLF 94

2 Pokémon Center Lady FLF 93

2 Evosoda XY 116

1 Fisherman BKT 136

2 Escape Rope PRC 127

1 Teammates PRC 141

2 Level Ball AOR 76

1 Misty's Determination BKP 104

2 Heavy Ball NXD 88

3 Professor Birch's Observations PRC 134

2 Professor Sycamore XY 122

2 Muscle Band XY 121

1 VS Seeker PHF 109

2 Delinquent BKP 98


Energy - 16


16 Grass Energy Energy 1


Total Cards - 60


****** Deck List Generated by Pokémon TCG Online www.pokemon.com/TCGO ******

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Hate to break it to you bro but it looks bad. But we'll fix it up.


I don't understand your strategy in the choice of pokemons, too many supporters for little items and too much energies. What do you want to accomplish with the deck ? Raticate Break Super Fang + poison Ariados ? Trev-EX ko'ing ? Using Trev-EX is really hard because there aren't really good ways to energy accelerate grass types, besides it's outclassed by other grass types (mainly Sceptile-EX).


Let us know what's your strategy to win the game, we'll tell you if it's viable or not, and we'll suggest some changes to make it work.



Btw, I assume that you built that deck with the cards that you own currently. I wouldn't make a deck with those limitations. Build a deck with a strategy that you'll enjoy play, go farm some packs in the theme tournaments and trade either in the trade ingame online server or in one of the companies in the item-exchange section of this forum, to get the cards that you're missing.

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I agree with FlaFlaPT. This deck seems to be trying to work with 2-3 strategies at once. Once you pick one, we can make lots of suggestions that should help out :) I am actually looking forward to your reply to try and give some advice haha. BTW for me personally, I would try to stick with the Raticate as your main strategy, because Trevenant is hard to power up to an acceptable level. 

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Best partner for Trevenant-EX is the Stage 2 Sceptile that can accelerate energy. Run that with Forest of Giant Plants and it's not too bad really, especially with Garchomp and Greninja being common. If against Garchomp then simply use Sceptile as your main attacker. 

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Trying to make Trev work is the main idea. Energy acceleration would be nice. Have to look into sceptile.


Then it's gonna need some heavy support. And I don't think that Sceptile is enough, probably it's needed Sceptile + Togekiss. dziesmer do you want to make the honors of suggesting a Trevenent-EX deck ? xD

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Then it's gonna need some heavy support. And I don't think that Sceptile is enough, probably it's needed Sceptile + Togekiss. dziesmer do you want to make the honors of suggesting a Trevenent-EX deck ? xD


Nah. For one thing you can't run both Sceptile and Togakiss. For another, now we have Max Elixir.


I'd just run something like:


3 Trevenant-EX

3X3X3 Sceptile

2 Lugia-EX (or 2 Virizion)


4 Max Elixir


Other typical stuff...

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For a Trevenant EX deck, this would be my suggestion (keep in mind that I have not made nor tested this myself, just something I am throwing out to be tinkered with).


Pokemon = 14

3 Trevenant EX

2 Shaymin EX

1 Lugia EX (AO)

3 Treecko

2 Grovyle

3 Sceptile (Energy Acceleration one)


Trainers = 34

3 Professor Sycamore

3 Ether

3 Forest of Giant Plants

1 Hex Maniac

3 Ultra Ball

2 Skyla

2 Lysandre

2 Switch

3 Muscle Band

2 Level Ball

2 Repeat Ball

3 Shauna

3 Professor's Letter

2 Energy Retrieval

4 VS Seeker

2 Rare Candy


Energy = 12

12 Grass Energy



I am probably missing something, as I am doing this completely out of my head. There is a huge number of little things that could be tinkered with here, just whatever you find works the best for you. But I think this could be a fairly competitive deck if you put it all together like this. I'm sure someone will point out something obvious that I missed XD

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Ether ? Don't you mean max elixir ? xD

Well, honestly either would work. Max Elixir is a much higher chance of success, but Ether can attach to active if you want. I did mean Ether, but Max Elixir would be better yes XD That's what I get for not actually going into game and going through all the trainers in Standard lol

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Also true, I guess that is the problem with doing things out of memory. There are plenty of other things that can replace it, that was one of the things I was least sure about. But any extra energy acceleration would be of much use. So yes, go with Max Elixir XD maybe take out those and the Shaymin and add a 2-2 Octillary line, plus maybe another Rare Candy or something since I think OP is on a tighter budget.

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