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Some feedback


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First of all, hello and thanks for releasing this for android!


Now, the game does run without bugs, everything is fine, but,

It's way, like waaaay, too heavy. There are lags and it takes

really a lot of storage away. And I don't even have all the card images

downloaded, anyone know how much they take?

Optimizations would be much appreciated.


The game did freeze while I was adjusting the settings, but I assume

that's because the game exceeded the ram usage.


While the game seems to run nicely (not talking about the performance),

I had a smaller problem with actually downloading it. The game is not

even listed on google play, I signed in as a tester on the page but the

link that is supposed to redirect me to the google play page with the game,

ended up linking me to a "item not found" page. I had to use a .apk hosting

website to download and intall the game.


Other than that, no other problems.

All I'd ask for are the optimizations. Or a light version for

those who don't own high end devices.


Thanks for reading, r4yptor~

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