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Space Requirements?


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My kids would love to download this ap, but they are working with an 8 Gb tablet (and a good portion of that is taken by the operating system).  They do have an SD card, however.  So my questions:


1.) How big is the fully installed ap

2.) Can some/all of it be installed on an SD card?

3.) If so, how much will the Ap allow to be stored on an SD card?  


With Android, most of the tablets have SD card slots, so total ap size is often less critical than the size of the portion of the ap that has to be kept on the actual device.  


Information would be GREATLY appreciated.  If it fits on his tablet, my son will have this tonight!

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The installed app and dowloaded updates wieght around 1,1gb but it uses a lot of ram so you might want to wait for a bit more stable version

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