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Phablet support


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So is there even a chance for phablet support or am I just left out in the cold here? I have a Note 4 which is large enough that I can't justify a tablet for normal use, and I find it extremely frustrating that a device with a 6" screen and HDMI/Miracast support - which is basically as large as a small tablet anyway - is incompatible for seemingly just being a "phone" first and not a "tablet" first. That's not cool. I get why this might not be an ideal experience on just a phone, but seriously at least make it POSSIBLE for us to try it out without just locking us all out completely...It's not like resolution. CPU, or GPU should be a problem either, lower end tablets have worse resolution, worse CPU, and worse GPU. It seems to be simply a "phone vs tablet" thing. If I'm not correct here, can you at least explain why the app's being blocked?

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