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Pokemon TCG Crashing On Mac


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Hi All,


I don't know whether anyone else if experiencing this but every time I open Pokemon TCG on my mac it acknowledges it then the screen goes black and it crashes. It's only started doing this since the new update. I've uninstalled and then installed from scratch. Any advice would be much appreciated.


Thanks in advance & all the best,


MegaJessBatfink XX  :unsure:

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Yea i had this problem too but i think i fixed it because mine seems to be working just fine now. I posted this solution on one other user, and he said it worked well for him too. So i hope it does work for you :)


1) Delete the game itself first.


2) Click on 'Go' located on your top window, press the 'alt/option' key and select 'Library'. The "Library' consists a lot of folders of apps or items you downloaded/used/using/originally was there etc. 


3) Go to 'Cache' folder. Find the folder that contains files about pokemon, usually at the bottom (for me), then move it to thrash. 


4) Go to 'Saved Application State'. Find the folder that contains files about pokemon, then move it to thrash.


Cautious* for step 3 and 4: I am not sure but there might be more than one folder that is linked to PTCGO, but usually would only be one folder. IF there is one, just move it to thrash as well. 


5) Delete them all. EMPTY THRASH. 

6) Once you are done with the deletes, go to the official site and download the game. By then, it should be fine because you have already deleted all files related to the previous version you have. 


Although i have to say, it was still quite buggy. The loading assets was stucked at 93% (again), but when i quit it and restarted it again, it worked. I am not a tech nerd but i hope this helps. If yours still doesn't work, then i am not too sure what went wrong. Good Luck :)

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