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Game synch has run out of energy


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Yeah, it's been out of energy for neerly two days now, I'm wondering if somehting is worng with my game or ds system. What are the spacifics on changing what system I play my game on, I started out on 3ds, but then I switched to dslite because I relaly don't wanna go out with my 3ds or use it much. I keep it in it's box mostly. the day global link became available, I was playingm y 3ds so.... Yeah. XD Please someone help?




Appologies for my typos.


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This issue is a biggie whatchutalkingabout_smile.png. We've been aware of it and we need anyone experiencing issues with Game Sync recharging to submit a ticket to support.pokemon.com[/b]<span style="color: rgb(0, 0, 128); ]




Remember to supply the following information in your ticket:




your GSID


Your PGL Nickname





Also remember to categorize your ticket to the appropriate department so that we may be able to track your information easier ^_^ Thanks!




Prof. Snow[/b]


Parasol Lady



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