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LF SR Ultra Ball


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i'm looking for SR Ultra Ball. Please pick from the list below and either leave offer here or friend me to see my full binder


For Trade


145 Roaring Skies

10 Call of Legends

6 Plasma Freeze

16 Legendary Treasures

44 BreakPoint

21 Primal Clash

2 Plasma Blast

3 Emerging Powers

8 BreakThrough

8 XY

21 Flashfire

4 Furious Fists

3 Phantom Force

4 Ancient Origins

1 Regular Art Shaymin Ex

1 SR Max Potion

2 SR Switch

Gem Promo Regirock XY49

Gem Promo Umbreon XY96

Promo Latios HGSS11

Deoxys    SL1
Dialga    SL2
Groudon    SL4
Ho-oh    SL5
Kyogre    SL6
Palkia    SL8


There is more in Binder feel free to friend and look :D  Thanks!

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