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[GAME] General - Multiple reports from the 2.35 game update


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Some of these will have already been reported. Some of these may only impact me and not anyone else, although I have heard others experience each of these issues at least once; even if they are not a general issue. 


Hopefully we will see some kind of response/recognition to look into these issues :). If you have seen any of these or can provide any more information that may be useful (if you have an entirely new issue- probably best to post in a different thread).





>Often trade notifications are delayed, or sometimes do not appear at all, after a trade has been accepted.


>After completing a tournament you do not always get the correct 'Tournament Completed' screen- the tournament that automatically appears is always the first one you have finished after you have logged in, not necessarily the tournament that has just been completed.


>Sometimes a number 1 [possibly a greater number, depending on how many are supposed to be visible] (signalling a notification is there) appears at the notification list, but when you check it there is nothing there. You can only see the 'hidden' notification when moving from the Trading Zone to the Collection area.


>Sometimes the active Daily Challenge screen randomly appears when changing from one area of the game to another, not only when you open the client. 





>Sometimes the filtering system doesn't work properly. Or the trade system won't refresh when the refresh button is pressed (works most, but not all the time).



In Game:

>Skyarrow Bridge doesn't always work; unclear currently as to the causes of it's failure to activate. It effects both players/

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Hi matthew69!


Your reports have been submitted to the Dev team for investigation. We greatly appreciate your patience until these issues are resolved and thank you for your reports! :)

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