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Shadowless/ 1st edition card help!


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Hey all! I'm a new collector in older pokemon cards just for sentimental value for myself. I'm almost done collecting the 1st edition set (out of 102 cards). But as I look at a few of the cards, some of them are shadowless. If I have the complete 102 set, and have a few shadowless cards in the 102, is my sey complete? Or would I need to get a complete different set for shadowless. Or does it even matter? Thanks guys and happy gaming! :)

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Firstly, all 1st Edition Base Set cards are Shadowless. Do you mean that some of the cards aren't first edition, and just shadowless?


There are 4 major print runs of Base Set.

1: First Edition = Shadowless cards, 1st Edition stamp.

2: Shadowless = Shadowless cards, no 1st edition stamp.

3: Unlimited = Drop shadow, no 1st edition stamp.

4: UK Unlimited = same as US Unlimited, except the copyright reads 1999-2000


It doesn't matter too much unless you're selling your set, as you can't advertise having a complete 1st Edition Base Set unless all the cards are 1st Edition. The same goes for having a Shadowless set with 1st edition cards, or any combination of different print runs.


Hope I've answered your question!

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