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I cannot install the game anymore


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So, the update hit. I updated, the updater signalled "100%" and ready to play. I start the game and get greeted by This Error:  (Link got removed by forum?!) (Failed to initialize Player)

Ok, uninstall the game, no worries, happens. Wrong. When I tried to uninstall, I got greeted by another error, This one: (Link got removed by forum?!) (USER_PROFILE)

Ok, uninstall via rightclick->change-remove, no worries. Did that. When I tried to install again with a newly downloaded installer, it still wouldnt let me (USER_PROFILE). So I went over to regedit.exe and went ground zero on everything with "pokemon" in it. Then ran CCleaner.

Tried installing again, oh wow, the installer goes through, I can install! Woo!

Wrong. Instead of installing PTCGO, after finishing the installer and having selected "start PTCGO", I get greeted by the C:\Windows\SysWOW64 folder and not TCG. I check the directory in which I installed the game (a different one), and surprise, not a single file has been installed.

I'm out of ideas. Please send help.


edit: Links get blanked out here? What? Anyway, they were just links with people having similarr issues (Failed to initialize Player and USER_PROFILE)

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The one last thing I can think of that you haven't tried is to rightclick->change-repair instead of remove. If you already removed it though I'm not sure if it's possible.


One other thing that might work (although this is probably a bad idea, so do it under your own risk and only if you're desperate enough) is to start your computer in safe mode and manually delete everything pertaining the PTCGO files. I only think this is a bad idea because (from my experience) safe mode allows you to delete things that your computer would normally dissallow you from deleting, which can be benefitial, but you can also accidentally delete something that you were probably better off not deleting.

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