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[CARD] Reverse Valley (BREAKpoint #110) - This card cannot be played to replace another Reverse Valley, graphical issues occur


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Card: Reverse Valley
Card Number: BreakPoint #110
Expected Action: Play Reverse Valley from hand while there is another dual-direction stadium in play (happened with another Reverse Valley in play and Parallel City)
Actual Action: When another Reverse Valley was on the field, the Reverse Valley from hand wouldn't enter the field, the animation would just stuck. When Parallel City was on the field, aside from not entering the field and getting stuck, the turn would be passed.
Steps to Reproduce: Play Reverse Valley when there is another dual-direction stadium in play.

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Just a reminder, you can't play Reverse Valley to cancel your opponent's Reverse Valley (even if you change the orientation). The same is true for Parallel City.


You should be able to replace Parallel City with Reverse Valley (or vice versa) however.

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Hi W_Snake!


Reverse Valley cannot be used to replace another Reverse Valley. If you cannot replace a Reverse Valley with Parallel City or vice-versa, please submit a game log to us via support ticket for further investigation. You can save the game log from your match by clicking the Social Menu, clicking the Game Log tab, and clicking "Export". This will copy it to your Clipboard where you can paste it into a .txt file and attach it to your ticket. You can create a ticket by clicking the link in my signature, signing in, and clicking "Ask a Question".


Thanks for your report and your patience! :)

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Hi everybody.


Yeah, my mistake on trying to replace Reverse Valley woth another Reverse Valley.


But today I got again the same bug I reported earlier, now trying to replace Rough Seas. I think the bug itself has to be related to Reverse Valley being a dual-sided stadium card which when played triggers a "select mode" animation. I'd go and try to trigger the bug again and save the log, but I don't know how that would help.


Also, I was reading about submitting a report with the support ticket, but I didn0t understand the mechanic itself. How do I do it? How do I get a support ticket?


Thank you all for your replies

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Hi W_Snake!

Thank you for your reply, and my apologies for the delay! I'll go ahead and submit your report to our QA team to have them try to reproduce it.


EDIT: Could you please first confirm that there were no Stadium-blocking cards in play? One example that tripped me up recently was Giratina-EX's (Ancient Origins #57, #93) Chaos Wheel attack, which states: Your opponent can't play any Pokémon Tool, Special Energy, or Stadium cards from his or her hand during his or her next turn.

There is also Ninetales' (Primal Clash #21) Barrier Shrine Ability, which states: Each player can't play any Stadium cards from his or her hand

and Vanilluxe's (BREAKthrough #45) Frigid Breath attack, which states: Until the end of your next turn, each player can't play any Supporter or Stadium cards from his or her hand.


Here are the steps for creating a support ticket:

  1. Click the link in my signature.
  2. Sign in using your regular Pokémon credentials. (This text should appear near the top of the page: Welcome Guest. Sign in | Exit) You will be redirected to the "My Support History" page and will now be logged in.
  3. Next to the search bar, you should see the following text:  [ All Questions | Ask a Question ]
  4. Click "Ask a Question" and fill out all relevant details. Image files, text files, etc. can be attached here as well.
  5. Once you send off your ticket, you will see it in your support history. You should receive an email notification that your report was received, and you will receive further notifications when you receive a response or if there is other activity on your ticket.

I hope this was helpful! :)

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