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Break Greninja and Break Luxray (The gold ones) for trade


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I have Greninja Break #41 and Luxray Break #47 both are the golden 4th evolution ones for trade.  I'm looking for MewTwo ex #62 or whatever full art equivalent of that card as well as Gengar ex #34 or similar gengar with the same moveset different art on both of these cards is fine, i mostly care about the moves.  Also a Darkrai ex #118 is wanted as well.  Let me know your offers you can post on this thread.


Other than those I have many other EX and regular pokemon cards for trade:

Ho-oh Ex #92

M Latios Ex #59

M Tyranitar Ex #43

Xernias #107


and other less rare cards.  Hit me up and let me know what you are looking for or make an offer and I will get back.  My Screen name is MasterHO please feel free to message/ Friend request me.

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